Meaghan Finlay: BSc Nursing, President,  PIF SOS
“Everyone smiles in the same language. I’ve always wanted to be a nurse. With my first child’s nurses kit (thanks grandma) and medical textbook in hand, my journey began at the age of 6. Helping others became my love. Volunteering came naturally and included many clubs, Health Action Team, Students working against tabacco, Unfiltered Facts, Because I am a Girl, YWCA, and even the help behind starting You Go Girls. I have a dream to touch as many lives as I possibly can. Being the President of PIF gives me wings” …meaghan
Katie Medensky:  BSc Nursing  
Alexandra Vacca: Graphic Designer, Student Engagement Office
Simon Kiela: Chemical Engineering Technology, CTL help The Hammer Antics
Melissa Lattanzi: Mohawk College Alumni, Public Relations
Mara Connacher: Radio Broadcasting
Robin Pieper: Nursing BScN, Cupcake Baker
Andrew Connery: E-Learn Specialist, blog manager, pifing mentor
Tracey Kadish: Professor, Media & Entertainment
Brian Wilrich: Professor, Media & Entertainment
Peter Maurin: Professor, Media & Entertainment
Joseph Mamone: Professor, Media & Entertainment
Ross Shimmon, Professor, Media & Entertainment
Julie Aumais, Professor / Coordinator, Event Management
Stephen Hannes: RMT, Hamilton Axiliary Police, PIF SOS Advisor
Carla Labella: Professor, Department of Humanities & Social Sciences
Join the Positive Psychology eLearn page contact:
Rachel Adema-Hannes: Professor, Nursing, PIF SOS Advisor

Official MSA approved group at Mohawk College who’s ‘simple’ mandate is to carry each other through this thing we call life…





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 public service announcement for PIF day 2013!

Steve Vamvounis and Paige Heron: 2nd Year Radio Students.

SNAP HAMILTON (November 2012) Pay it Forward