Give a little bit

Is it that simple? Give me a smile? Give a bit of your time? Do we need to quantify ‘little bit?’ Roger makes giving a little bit…ummmmmm…look fun. What’s wrong with us…let’s have java with Roger and see exactly what his secret is.  I’m thinking it’s the guitar strumming…Is it those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world? Do all we really need to do is go back home? Is this message as eternal as it feels? Didn’t we learn to share in like…Kindergarten? Ok…do we all suffer a little bit of dementia in this category? Are not our days happier when we give people a little bit of our hearts rather than a piece of our minds? I think the older I get I give a little bit less of a care about what people think of me…hmmmmmmmm…I digress back to the ‘I don’t care’ mode….and i just don’t care. We might want to relax a little bit…let life flow, unassisted by our mind and effort. Wait…if you’re gonna do something…shouldn’t you really do it? Perhaps a little bit has no place in this world? Maybe that’s all some of us need? I know if you can’t breathe…sometimes all you need is a little bit of oxygen…and if encouragement is likened to oxygen….hmmmmmmmm…let’s simplify. All we really need is a little bit of plain, ordinary, every day kindness. PIF.


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