acat·a·lep·sy (noun)

Our human knowledge is never certain? Does our smarty-pants-ness rest soley on probability? Impossible should be ripped out of every dictionary in the world…isn’t the impossible the only thing worth doing? Impossible a dare? Impossible is potential? Impossible is temporary? If we studied the law of probability, everything is possible because the existence of possibility confirms the existence of impossibility…hmmmmmmmmm…oK it’s always impossible until it is done…The one thing that i know is impossible is pleasing everyone…but it would seem pissing people off is a piece of cake. I don’t know about you but sometimes i believe i can do four impossible things before breakfast…oK you know what i really think? it’s up to you to find beauty in the ugliest days…more importantly the only time we should use the word impossible is when we believe and act as if it were impossible to fail. If we would just give it our old girl / boy scout try, impossible might become obsolete. Besides it’s kinda fun doing the impossible. Repeat this mantra several times out loud, ‘Today is Full of Possible.’ Search your soul to find the place where nothing is impossible, if no one thinks you can…then you have no choice…you have to. PIF.

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