Let it go

So refreshing that an ‘act of true Love’ is something other than a kiss from a guy…is Disney finally getting it? …hmmmmmmm…the cold does bother me…but as i sit with my little girl watching the movie, Frozen…(you might have heard of it)…i feel empowered to let go of all the nonsense that holds me back. This feels like, “You got a dream, you’ve got to protect it…people will always discourage you, but don’t let them douse your passion.” One thing i know for sure, you won’t find me frozen in one spot…i tie no weights to my ankles…my time is too valuable and therefore i’m letting go of the people that suck the life out of me. Few realize that even on my weakest days i get a little stronger. oK, shouldn’t learning to let go be learned before learning to get? Perhaps we may want to use the word forgiveness and letting go interchangeably…are they not the same? Let’s not just go through life…let’s grow through it. Want living proof that I’ve let go? My tears have watered the rainforest a few times. I’ve come to realize people do not resist change per se, but loss…perhaps a little perspective is ready for take-out…answer this question; If i had 6 months to live, would i experience letting go differently? If i could give you one piece of advice it would be this; no matter what, keep moving forward, even if you have to crawl…oh and don’t forget to encourage one another, for therein lies your strength. PIF.

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