Resist the usual

Different IS good…right? We really only have 2 choices…dissolve into the mainstream or be you the difference-maker. Since i don’t have the stomach for conformity…I’ll follow my imagination to take me beyond logic…hmmmmmmm…why do we fritter time trying to be accepted by the hum drums? Is not true discovery looking at the same thing as everyone else and thinking radically different? Sometimes i wonder how we are supposed to thrive in this Life with the world constantly trying to contain us…do we break free or be swept away into the sea of ordinary? Why are we so willing to suffer the consequences of selling out?…ok you know what i think we should do besides the obvious…nurture different ways of thinking, rather than being suppressing and uncaring. Be watchful of the ones who are ‘different’ they are the ones who end up making a difference in the world. PIF.


One thought on “Resist the usual

  1. Great post, Rachel!!! Break free of convention, of conformity… Have the courage to think differently. Those are the people who truly change the world. <3

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